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Who is a Walking Fitness Trainer?

WEWALK 04/01/2020

If you were asked to describe a successful walking trainer, you might imagine someone who is strong and in top shape. Yet, studies show that the quality of a fitness trainer is not solely determined by their physical strength, but rather by their knowledge, capacity for empathy, professionalism and most importantly – results!

By definition:

A Walking Trainer is a fitness professional who uses the body’s response to walking exercises as a means of improving client health.

Based on this definition, a Walking Trainer must

  • Perform in-depth evaluations of a client’s fitness level
  • Possess a deep understanding of the client’s fitness goals
  • Prescribe appropriate exercises to achieve the client’s goals
  • Demonstrate and explain how to perform exercises safely and effectively

Keep in mind that a walking trainer is much more than just a fitness instructor and wellness coach. When working with clients, walking trainers must offer camaraderie, insight, mentorship, and troubleshooting. A walking trainer must also perform the duties of meeting coordinator, salesperson, student, accountant, and customer service representative. The diversity of roles performed by a walking trainer makes the profession interesting and challenging!