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WEWALK 05/12/2019

Welcome to the WEWALK Walking Course

Congratulations on beginning the WEWALK Certification Course!

Welcome to the WEWALK Certification Course. In this course, we will provide you with the tools necessary to become an effective walking trainer. In the Introduction chapter, you will be introduced to the realm of walking training and learn the principles involved with being a successful trainer. Read on for the Topics and Learning Outcomes involved in Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Introduction


  • “Trainer” concept and the elements involved in embarking on a fitness career
  • “Outdoor” concept, its advantages and disadvantages
  • Characteristics of walking trainers
  • Daily routines and practices of a walking trainer
  • Components that differentiate a great trainer from the rest

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assess proper outdoor training and the benefits from alternative methods
  • Understand the physical, mental, and emotional requirements to serve as a fitness trainer
  • Identify in oneself the characteristics of a successful walking trainer
  • Discern the differentiating characteristics of a great trainer
  • Develop a sound understanding of the duties and challenges of a fitness trainer